Acquisition of Insydes Group by Dual Inventive

CEO Sjef ten Den van Insydes, CEO Jacob Zeeman and CTO Lex van der Poel of Dual Inventive signed the agreement on June 3, 2021.


The Insydes Group consists of the companies Core|Vision and Arcobel Embedded Solutions.

Since its foundation in 2007, Core|Vision has been a design house specialized in the development and implementation of custom solutions in the field of embedded systems.

Also, partly due to the certified FPGA training institute (Doulos, Xilinx and VSync), Core|Vision is regarded both nationally and internationally as one of the FPGA experts.

Sjef ten Den, CEO of Core|Vision: “It is Dual Inventive’s wish to retain the character and working method of Core|Vision. The day-to-day management of Core|Vision will therefore remain unchanged”.

The acquisition intensifies the current collaboration between Core|Vision and Dual Inventive. Not only in the field of safety, where Core|Vision has been the primary supplier of their safety devices since the foundation of Dual Inventive.

But also in the field of IoT. To meet the growing demand for IoT sensor solutions, Core|Vision has developed AnySens, a “plug & play” IoT hardware platform with which modular sensor solutions can be quickly and easily assembled. This in combination with AnyWare, the Dual Inventive cloud for the worldwide rail sector, Dual Inventive will have the opportunity to accelerate its growth in the IoT field.

Jacob Zeeman, CEO of Dual Inventive: “This is an important step in realizing the ambitions of Dual Inventive.”

“This step ensures both a broadening of the product portfolio and an expansion of each other’s customer base. In addition, the different technologies can greatly reinforce each other,” says Rob Schalken of Core|Vision.

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