Embedded Software Coding Excellence

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  • Date: Friday April 24, 2020
  • Duration: 1 hour (with live Q&A)
  • Presenter: Jacob Beningo
  • Cost: FREE!

Webinar Overview:

With the complexity of embedded systems ever increasing, developing a reusable, reliable and thoroughly tested platform upon which products may be quickly and safely brought to market relies increasingly upon establishing a solid “designing for reuse” mindset across the development team.

This webinar will discuss the essential steps necessary to build high quality, validated embedded software and explore the issues involved in choosing whether to build, borrow (i.e. open source) or buy (licensed libraries) software components with sufficiently high quality to meet the lifecycle needs of the embedded system under development.

In this webinar:

You can expect to learn about:

why software quality is so important
software standards
the SQA process
the software development life cycle
continuous integration
5 requirements for high quality software.

Renesas Synergy™ will be used as a demonstration platform.

Doulos Embedded Certified Training Instructor, Jacob Beningo of Beningo Embedded Group, is the training webinar presenter, which consists of a one-hour session.

24 April 2020

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