Versal AI Engine: Demystifying & Programming ONLINE WORKSHOP



This free informative workshop (delivered in 2 half day sessions) explores the Versal AI Engine including single kernel programming and multiple kernel programming using data flow graphs.It will cover the AI Engine architecture, the Adaptive Data Flow programming methodology, and writing a kernel routine for an AI Engine.
The workshop is designed to maximize individual engagement and learning.  Each attendee is encouraged to informally ask pertinent questions throughout, to actively participate in the learning process.

Workshop Duration

2 half day sessions

Audience & Pre-requisitis

Hardware developers and system architects, whether migrating from existing devices or starting out with the Versal adaptive SoC.

What’s the timetable?

This workshop is delivered in 2 half-day sessions of interactive training comprising presentations with Q&A.

  • Each session duration is up to 5 hours including breaks
  • Start times:
    • Europe and Asia Time Zones:
      0830 BST | 0930 CEST | 1300 India (IST)
    • Americas Time Zones:
      0830 PDT | 1030 CDT | 1130 EDT
  • There are no specific hardware requirements for this training please check your connection with GoToWebinar if you have not used it to attend a Doulos event before.

Workshop Outline

  • Delivered across 2 half-day sessions 
    • Versal adaptive SoC Architecture
      Provides a high-level overview of the Versal architecture, illustrating the various engines available in the the Versal architecture
    • Versal AI Engine Architecture
      Introduces the architecture of the AI Engine and describes the AI Engine interfaces that are available, including the memory, lock, core debug, cascaded stream, and AXI-Stream interfaces.
    • Versal AI Engine Memory and Data Movement
      Describes the memory module architecture for the AI Engine and how memory can be accessed by the AI Engines in the AI Engine arrays.
    • Scalar and Vector Data Types
      Provides an AI Engine functional overview and identifies the supported vector data types and high-width registers for allowing single-instruction multiple-data (SIMD) instructions
    • AI Engine API
      Describes what AI Engine APIs are, the three types of vector
      management operations using AI Engine APIs (load and store,
      element conversion, and lane insertion/extraction), multiplication
      functions, and application-specific functions.
    • Window and Streaming Data APIs
      Describes window and streaming APIs and reviews the various window operations for kernels. Also discusses using overlapping data and various data movement use cases.
    • The Programming Model: Single Kernel
      Reviews the AI Engine kernel programming flow for programming
      and building a single kernel. Also illustrates the steps to create,
      compile, simulate, and debug a single kernel program using the
      Vitis IDE tool.
    • The Programming Model: Single Kernel Using Vector Data Types
      Illustrates Versal AI Engine kernel programming in detail,
      reviewing the scalar kernel code and comparing with vector kernel
      code that utilizes intrinsic functions and vector data types.

Versal AI Engine: Demystifying & Programming ONLINE WORKSHOP

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