Essential Design with the PlanAhead Analysis and Design Tool

Course Description

Learn to manage design performance, plan an I/O pin layout, and implement by using the PlanAhead™ software tool.  Topics include: a tool overview, running a Design Rule Check (DRC) and Simultaneous Switching Noise (SSN) analysis of pin assignments, design and timing analysis, creating cores, and completing synthesis and implementation with the PlanAhead tool.

Note: The hands-on labs provided within this course are identical to the tutorials that are packaged with the PlanAhead tool. This course is supplemented with instructor-led presentations and demos.

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May 2012



Training Duration

1 day

Who Should Attend?

FPGA designers, system architects, and system engineers who are interested in analyzing and driving the physical implementation of their designs to maximize performance and capacity.


Software Tools

  • Xilinx ISE Design Suite: Logic or System Edition 14.1


  • Architecture: 7 series FPGAs*
  • Demo board: None*

* This course focuses on the 7 series FPGA architecture. Check with your local Authorized Training Provider for specifics or other customizations.

Skills Gained

After completing this comprehensive training, you will know how to:

  • Use the PlanAhead software features and benefits
  • Import designs into the PlanAhead software project environment
  • Assign I/O pins for optimum speed
  • Run the Design Rule Checker (DRC) and perform noise analysis
  • Import HDL sources and elaborate and analyze RTL netlists
  • Implement the design with different implementation strategies
  • Instantiate a core from the Xilinx IP Catalog
  • Take advantage of the ISim simulator
  • Use the PlanAhead software integrated with the ISE Project Navigator software environment

Course Outline

  • PlanAhead Software Benefits and Features Overview
  • PlanAhead Software Project Manager
  • Lab 1: Getting Started with the PlanAhead Software
  • I/O Pin Planning
  • Lab 2: Assigning I/O Pins
  • CORE Generator Software Integration
  • Lab 3: Core Integration
  • Static Timing Analysis with the PlanAhead Software
  • Project Navigator Integration
  • Introduction to the Advanced Design with the PlanAhead Analysis and Design Tool Course

Lab Descriptions

Note: All labs in this course are also available as self-guided tutorials, which are packaged with the PlanAhead software.

  • Lab 1: Getting Started with the PlanAhead Tool – Illustrates the steps you take to import an RTL design into the PlanAhead software so that you can synthesize, implement, perform timing analysis, view logical and device resources, and generate a bitstream. Also introduces the PlanAhead software’s environment and views.
  • Lab 2: Assigning I/O Pins – Introduces the PlanAhead software ’s pin planning environment for performing I/O pin assignment. You will create a pin planning project, import and export I/O ports lists, create I/O ports and interfaces, run a DRC and SSN noise analysis, examine clock logic placement, and make pin assignments.
  • Lab 3: CORE Generator Tool Integration – Illustrates the integration of the CORE Generator software with the  PlanAhead software. You will customize and integrate a core, explore the IP Catalog, and view the generated core with the Schematic viewer.


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FPGA-12000 Essential Design with the PlanAhead Analysis and Design Tool

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