Design with Versal AI Engine: Quick Start

Course Description

This course covers the AMD Versal™ AI Engine architecture and memory modules, programming the AI Engine (kernels and graphs), using the DSP Library, and developing AI Engine designs using AMD
Vitis™ Model Composer.

The emphasis of this course is on:

  • Illustrating the AI Engine architecture and memory modules
  • Describing the Vitis and AI Engine tool flow
  • Programming the AI Engine with kernels and graphs
  • Utilizing the Vitis DSP library
  • Creating AI Engine designs using Vitis Model Composer

What’s New for 2023.2

  • All the labs have been updated to the latest software versions
  • Tool flow has been revamped for the new Vitis Unified IDE



Course Duration

1 day


Software and hardware developers, system architects, DSP users, and anyone who needs to accelerate their software applications using our devices


  • Comfort with the C/C++ programming language
  • Software development flow
  • Vitis tool for application acceleration development flow

Software Tools

  • Vitis unified software platform 2023.2
  • Vitis Model Composer 2023.2


  • Architecture: Versal adaptive SoCs

Skills Gained

After completing this comprehensive training, you will have the necessary skills to:

  • Describe the AMD Versal adaptive SoC and the architecture of the AI Engine
  • Describe the toolchain for Versal AI Engine programming and the full application acceleration flow with the AMD Vitis Unified IDE
  • Program the AI Engines for single and multiple kernels using graphs
  • Utilize the AI Engine DSP library and create a filter design in the Vitis tool
  • Design a filter with the AMD Vitis Model Composer AI Engine library

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Versal AI Engine Architecture
    • Introduction to the AMD Versal AI Engine Architecture – Describes the Versal adaptive SoC at a high level. Also introduces the architecture of the AI Engine and its memory modules and interfaces. {Lecture}
  • Vitis Tool Flow
    • Versal AI Engine Tool Flow – Reviews the Vitis tool flow for the AI Engine and demonstrates the full application acceleration flow for the Vitis platform. {Lecture, Labs}
  • The Programming Model
    • AI Engine Programming: Kernels and Graphs – Describes AI Engine kernels and Adaptive Data Flow (ADF) graphs along with their programming flows. {Lecture, Lab}
  • Libraries
    • AI Engine DSP Library Overview – Provides an overview of the available DSP library, which enables faster development and comes with ready-to-use example design that help with using the library and tools. {Lecture, Lab}
  • Vitis Model Composer

    • Vitis Model Composer for AI Engine Design – Describes the Vitis Model Composer tool and how to use the libraries available with the tool for AI Engine design development. {Lecture, Lab}



16 september 2024

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