We'd love to show you what makes our hearts beat faster: developing creative solutions for challenging problems. With each project, we contribute to a safer and more sustainable world. We're eager to share our successes with you, so click on any of the projects below and experience how we bring technology alive!

Consilium Safety

Gas Detectors

Consilium Safety specializes in portable and stationary gas detectors. Core-Vision assisted them in upgrading their software to achieve the necessary certifications and pass inspections. Alongside software development, we helped ensure that the hardware of certain products met strict safety requirements in the maritime and industrial sectors.

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ST Engineering iDirect


ST Engineering iDirect's Mx-DMA MRC technology contributes to the efficient and reliable delivery of communication services (such as internet and television) in remote areas. The numerous disadvantages of cable infrastructure in these regions make it difficult to implement traditional means of communication. Thanks to this innovative satellite bandwidth management technology, delivering the necessary communication services […]

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With powerful algorithms, the Core-Vision ECU can process data, perform analyses, and make quick, accurate, and efficient decisions. Our ECU offers a versatile solution for various problems, with a focus on sustainability and safety. To provide concrete examples, we discuss two cases below where our ECU has been utilized.

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Videostitcher & MVSL

Core-Vision has developed two solutions for RET to meet their specific needs: The videostitcher (De Beelddeler) and the MVSL (Metro Video System Logging). In close collaboration, we discussed the challenges that RET faced and the solutions they needed. Based on their valuable input, we provided the complete creative implementation of these projects.

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Dual Inventive

ZKL 3000 RC

We take pride in our project for Dual Inventive, with whom we collaborated on the development of the ZKL 3000 RC. The ZKL is a system that short-circuits the rail tracks in an isolated rail section and automatically monitors it. This short-circuit causes the signals to turn red, closing the specific section for trains, and […]

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