ZKL 3000 RC

From hazardous situations on the railways

To a safe and efficient working method

We take pride in our project for Dual Inventive, with whom we collaborated on the development of the ZKL 3000 RC. The ZKL is a system that short-circuits the rail tracks in an isolated rail section and automatically monitors it. This short-circuit causes the signals to turn red, closing the specific section for trains, and thereby enhancing safety and the efficiency of rail operations.

The Problem

Railway maintenance work is inherently dangerous. Passing trains, trains on adjacent tracks, or trains continuing through the maintenance area often lead to accidents involving track workers. The more traditional method was to prevent trains from entering a rail section during maintenance activities with temporary short-circuits. However, this process requires extensive setup and removal for each work session. Additionally, the short circuit was not guaranteed because it was only checked upon installation, leading to possible hazardous situations. It was essential to find a solution to make track maintenance work safer and more efficient.

Ontwikkeling Dual Inventive

The Solution

To address this issue, we developed a solution that eliminates the need for physical access to the track to short-circuit a rail section. The ZKL is installed once and remains semi-permanently in place on the track. Using a mobile app, the short-circuit can be remotely activated or deactivated within seconds, rendering the track immediately inaccessible to trains. The ZKL continuously monitors the presence of the short circuit and reports it to the server via an advanced 4G communication module. Additionally, the ZKL is classified with Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 4. To achieve the prescribed SIL, an integral analysis must be conducted of potential failure modes and their probabilities. SIL 4 represents the highest achievable reliability level.

The Benefits

This innovative approach offers several benefits, including a significant improvement in the safety of track workers. It also provides increased efficiency of track maintenance work and a simplified process for implementing safety measures. The advanced 4G communication module remains connected 24/7 and always guarantees the required uptime and response times.

Infrastructuur en Mobiliteit
- Lex van der Poel - Dual Inventive
"For Dual Inventive, Core-Vision is a dependable partner we can rely on. In developing our high-tech IoT solutions for the railway sector, where safety and security are paramount, Core-Vision has proven to be a true project partner with an open and critical approach."
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