Videostitcher & MVSL

They needed interference-free and real-time camera images

We delivered a custom high-end GPU-based solution

Core-Vision has developed two solutions for RET to meet their specific needs: The videostitcher (De Beelddeler) and the MVSL (Metro Video System Logging). In close collaboration, we discussed the challenges that RET faced and the solutions they needed. Based on their valuable input, we provided the complete creative implementation of these projects.

The Problem

RET faced an issue regarding boarding security. To safely depart from the station, the driver must be able to confidently close the vehicle doors. An accurate view of the entire side of the vehicle is necessary for this purpose. Therefore, it is crucial for the driver to always have access to high-quality real-time camera images from the platform.

The existing system was outdated and prone to infrastructure-related malfunctions. Additionally, installing the cameras in the old setup was a significant task, requiring precise alignment to ensure the correct image for the driver. This installation process was error-prone and time-consuming. The combination of these factors necessitated the need for a new system.

ontwikkeling en testen RET

The Solution

Core-Vision developed the Videostitcher and the MVSL to address this need. The Videostitcher is placed on the platform side of the metro stations and utilizes digital camera support to send real-time images from the fixed platform cameras to the driver. When a vehicle enters the station, it enters the RF range of a transmitter that sends a composite image to the driver of the vehicle. This is a composition of (live) images from multiple cameras stitched together. This way, the driver immediately gets a clear overview of the situation, allowing for safe departure. An important detail is that the images have minimal delay, always providing accurate information throughout the chain, from the cameras to the displays.

The second solution is the Core-Vision MVSL, installed under each vehicle. This system continuously monitors the condition of the RF receiver. Additionally, it accurately tracks the metro's location via RF-ID tags spread throughout the entire RET metro network. This monitoring system enables effective response to any issues by sharing data with the RET backend. The Core-Vision MVSL consists of various plug-in cards, power supply, monitor, and RF video optimization modules.

The Benefits

The first version of the Videostitcher supported analog cameras. The images from these cameras were offered to the driver in black and white. The current version is fully digital, resulting in clearer, more qualitative images in full color. By using digital cameras, the system has become much less prone to interference.
Another advantage of the Videostitcher is that the installation of the cameras on the platforms is less critical. They no longer need to be in the perfect angle as they had to be in the old setup. It is possible to select and stitch the correct images together from a web interface, making the installation process much less costly and time-consuming. Both FPGAs (analog variant) and GPUs (digital variant) were used in the development of this product.

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core-vision RET MVSL-monitoringsysteem
- Peter Wessels - RET
"Regarding Core-Vision's service when issues arise, I can say it is excellent. Any remaining problems were acknowledged and resolved efficiently and effectively through great collaboration with us."
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