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ST Engineering iDirect's Mx-DMA MRC technology contributes to the efficient and reliable delivery of communication services (such as internet and television) in remote areas. The numerous disadvantages of cable infrastructure in these regions make it difficult to implement traditional means of communication. Thanks to this innovative satellite bandwidth management technology, delivering the necessary communication services becomes more efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and accessible to numerous people.

In this project, Core-Vision has taken on the role of consultant, leveraging our FPGA knowledge and expertise to support iDirect in the development of the MRC technology.

The Problem

Delivering communication via cables in remote areas is often undesirable due to limited accessibility or high installation costs. Island groups in the Pacific Ocean are a prime example of such remote areas. Additionally, laying cable connections is obviously not feasible in maritime environments (ships), aerospace (aircraft), or around military operations. Yet, there is a clear demand for reliable communication in these remote areas. In collaboration with iDirect, we have made this possible.

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The Solution

Using satellites as intermediaries we enable communication. By utilizing the Mx-DMA MRC technology, the available bandwidth of these satellites is optimally utilized by implementing a dynamic bandwidth management system. This system enables the terminal to adjust the bandwidth every 5 milliseconds to the needs of individual end-users. As a result, more terminals can be connected to a single demodulator, maximizing communication efficiency. This optimized bandwidth distribution supports various types of data traffic, ranging from simple text messages to high-resolution videos, simultaneously without significant performance degradation.

The Benefits

The benefits of Mx-DMA MRC are numerous. The system offers a cost-effective and scalable solution for delivering communication services in remote areas, reducing the need for expensive infrastructure projects such as cable networks. Moreover, the advanced bandwidth management technology contributes to a more sustainable approach to communication by reducing energy consumption and improving operational efficiency.

Thanks to the flexibility and reliability of Mx-DMA MRC, end-users can benefit from reliable communication even in the most challenging areas. This unique technology has already won multiple awards, including the “WTA Teleport Technology of the Year”.

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- Jan van Puymbroeck - ST Engineering iDirect
"The engineers of Core-Vision delve into the smallest details to solve the problem. It was wonderful to see the passion and collaboration with our teams!"
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