Gas Detectors

Enhancing safety and efficiency in gas detection

By updating software and ensuring certifications

Consilium Safety specializes in portable and stationary gas detectors. Core-Vision assisted them in upgrading their software to achieve the necessary certifications and pass inspections. Alongside software development, we helped ensure that the hardware of certain products met strict safety requirements in the maritime and industrial sectors.

The Problem

In 2017, Consilium needed to revise and certify the software of their gas detectors according to the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 1 standard. The existing system lacked optimal setup and documentation, hindering responsible further development through modular expansions.

The Solution

The Concilium gas detectors consist of a metal casing with various sensors connected to it. Inside the casing, a microprocessor runs Core-Vision's software, reading the sensors and issuing alerts when gas levels exceed a certain threshold. Utilizing the Modbus protocol, these detectors can also be remotely monitored and adjusted. This capability ensures timely evacuation in hazardous situations involving toxic gases or explosion risks.

Collaborating with Consilium, Core-Vision redeveloped and optimized the software system for the gas detectors. Additionally, it became apparent that certain products required hardware enhancements and radiation protection. Consequently, we shared our expertise to help Consilium in obtaining the necessary ESD (electrostatic discharge) and MED (maritime sector) certifications.

The Benefits

By prioritizing safety and modularity, we established a robust software foundation enabling potential expansions. Consilium successfully integrated new sensors and are now able to make adjustments according to their preferences. Moreover, the structured and documented software meets SIL 1 certification standards, ensuring the gas detectors are suitable for use across various industrial and maritime applications.

Core Vision Consilium
- Ewold Sie - Consilium Safety
"Core-Vision knows what they are doing and quality is their top priority. Over the past few years, we have greatly appreciated their collaborative approach and clear communication."
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