Countering negative environmental effects

With our high-end FPGA-based ECU

With powerful algorithms, the Core-Vision ECU can process data, perform analyses, and make quick, accurate, and efficient decisions. Our ECU offers a versatile solution for various problems, with a focus on sustainability and safety. To provide concrete examples, we discuss two cases below where our ECU has been utilized.

The Problem

The first issue is the negative environmental impact of burning fossil fuels in combustion engines, which are the most commonly used fuels. This necessitates finding alternative ways to power combustion engines.

Additionally, the degassing of inland vessels poses a significant environmental problem. Hazardous gases remain in the tank after unloading, presenting substantial safety risks during navigation. Therefore, captains of these vessels often choose to degas into the environment, which is highly undesirable. With the Core-Vision ECU, we contribute to addressing these issues.

Core Vision- ArenaRed - ECU

The Solution

To tackle these problems, we collaborate with our partners on sustainable solutions. For example, the Core-Vision ECU enables a multifuel solution for ArenaRED's combustion engines. Our high-end FPGA-based ECU operates based on pressure in the combustion chamber. Advanced algorithms precisely determine the optimal timing and duration of fuel injections. As a result, vehicles can efficiently operate on more environmentally friendly fuels like hydrogen, biogas, methanol, and ethanol.

Furthermore, VapeToPower has developed an innovative technology with our ECU, converting hydrocarbon vapors into electricity. The generated energy can be stored in a battery or utilized in a circular manner for combustion or electric motors. VapeToPower's advanced engine management system ensures stable motor operation, even with varying vapor content.

The Benefits

The Core-Vision ECU's strength lies in its advanced algorithm. With exceptional computational power and flexible settings, the ECU can rapidly process data, perform analyses, and optimize the combustion process. Additionally, the ECU is certified for all relevant matters, including for the maritime sector. Its versatility allows the ECU to be deployed across various projects.

For more information on these projects or the Core-Vision ECU, feel free to contact us!

core-vision Engine Control Unit
- Jan Arie Smit - VapeToPower
"When developing a new concept, you need partners who truly understand your needs and are willing to go the extra mile. Core-Vision excels at providing exactly that level of support for us."
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