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At Core-Vision, we specialize in crafting customized electronics. What does that mean? It means that we create something entirely new, whether it's a complete product or a partial solution. Our true expertise lies in developing custom embedded systems. With a team packed with both broad and deep knowledge, we excel in providing high-level insights across various market segments.

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Quality and Security

Quality takes center stage in every project at Core-Vision. With our ISO 9001 certification and a robust focus on safety, all our products meet industry standards. Rigorous testing and comprehensive documentation ensure traceability and compliance with all necessary requirements. Every line of code and each new version is traceable. Safety is where we shine, and we take great pride in it. Want to know more about our safety workflow?


Creative and

The disciplines of software, hardware, and FPGA are closely intertwined at Core-Vision. Many problems don't fit within a single discipline, requiring bridging solutions. Our engineers have a broad skill set beyond their specialities, enabling them to support each other and explain complex concepts outside of their own field of discipline. We thrive on multi-disciplinary projects combining software, hardware, and FPGA. As true professionals, challenging projects energize us. Curious about the multi-disciplinary projects we've completed?

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Expertise and Consultancy

When companies seek our advice, gaining clarity on the problem statement is essential. Therefore, we prefer working closely with our clients and visit their office. By asking questions, speaking with employees, and observing we understand how the company operates. This enables us to empathize with the client and grasp the underlying issues. Subsequently, our team goes the extra mile, coming up with solutions that truly benefit our clients.

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Pride and Responsibility

We believe a project thrives when there's enjoyment in it. Our team consists of passionate individuals, which results in the development of high-quality systems. Each team member goes above and beyond to deliver products with excellence. We embrace being responsible for our projects, which is why we can proudly showcase a track record of satisfied returning clients. Even after project completion, we remain available for adjustments or optimizations. Curious about what we can do for your company?

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