IT and (Tele)communication

Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for speed, reliability, and security in data collection and transmission. Within this market segment, we offer tailor-made high-end solutions that meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients.

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Data Collection

We gather the required data using various solutions, both standard and custom-made. One of these solutions is our AnySens Industrial IoT sensor platform, addressing all conceivable sensor challenges. We minimize our development time by combining existing and custom communication and sensor modules, crafting precise solutions for specific challenges. Our platform supports almost all types of sensors, including those for conductivity, humidity, liquid level, orientation, pressure, temperature, and more.

Unrestricted Access to Data

We ensure our clients always have access to their data. With extensive experience in various connectivity technologies like LoRa, LTE-M, NB-IoT, and Sigfox, we guarantee a seamless data transfer from our solutions to the desired backend. This approach is unique in the industry, as data access is typically restricted by storing it on a proprietary network. Instead, we offer our clients the flexibility to determine their preferred backend location, to which they will have unrestricted access.

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Fast, Reliable and Precise

Our strength lies in developing high-end embedded systems precisely tailored to our clients' needs. These solutions are always fast, secure, reliable, and accurate, prioritizing quality and safety. To support this statement, we are ISO 9001 certified. Want to learn more?
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Itho Daalderop

An example of a client for whom we have realized data transfer is Itho Daalderop. They manufacture boilers, ventilation systems, and heat pumps, among other products. In homes and apartment complexes where their heat pumps are installed, remote monitoring and data transfer for reporting purposes are often required. For this reason, we have developed a gateway capable of connecting multiple heat pumps simultaneously to their own backend service. This enables the data to be transferred securely, quickly, and reliably.

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GEST Service Call

YachtCloud's GEST

One of our embedded systems is also present in the luxurious service call system GEST by YachtCloud. This system enables service by employees in private homes, luxury hospitality establishments, and super yachts. Thanks to smart data collection, our technology communicates all data with the cloud (or a local network in the case of a super yacht).


Satellite communication poses unique challenges, but we tackle them head-on. Our FPGA expertise was utilized in developing advanced satellite technologies for iDirect, focusing on speed, reliability, and security. Moreover, this project contributes to sustainability by achieving the same connectivity with fewer devices – and thus fewer resources.

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