Infrastructure and Mobility

In a world where infrastructure and mobility are vital for society's daily functioning, striving for innovations that enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability is crucial. Therefore, we are dedicated to developing smart technological solutions that truly make a positive impact on people and society.

Infrastructuur en Mobiliteit


Within infrastructure and mobility, we encompass various aspects such as roads, bridges, railways, airports, IT, (tele)communication, and energy facilities. Our services focus on facilitating, improving, and managing the movement of people and goods (mobility) and the physical facilities essential for society's operation (infrastructure). We achieve this by developing smart software, hardware, and FPGA implementations that make society safer, more sustainable, and more efficient. These three themes are prevalent across almost all our projects.


This market segment poses significant demands regarding the safety of our systems. Depending on the application and environment where they are used, our systems must comply with various environmental requirements, such as temperature, vibration, and EMC. For example, resistance to vibrations is crucial in the railway industry. We recognize that incorrect readings and conclusions can cost lives. Therefore, safety is paramount in developing our embedded systems.

core-vision: veiligheid van onze systemen


Our Engine Control Unit (ECU) and electric scooter are solutions we have developed to promote sustainable mobility. Our ECU offers a multifuel solution for combustion engines. We replace the existing ECU and equip it with gas injectors, allowing the vehicle to primarily operate on more environmentally friendly fuels such as hydrogen, biogas, methanol, and ethanol. This technology is particularly useful for the inland shipping and rail sectors, where environmental pollution is significant, and emission restrictions are crucial.

Our ECU also enables the new technology of VapeToPower. This advanced engine management system, based on our ECU, processes hydrocarbon vapors, and converts them into electricity.

core-vision Engine Control Unit


The gas detectors we have developed in collaboration with Consilium are excellent examples of technology that enhances safety in sectors such as shipping, energy, construction, and transportation. This technology is designed for detecting explosive and toxic gases in pump rooms, pipeline tunnels, ballast tanks, flushing tanks, and other spaces. It contributes to preventing accidents from explosions or inhaling toxic substances.

core-vision gasdetectoren
core-vision RET MVSL-monitoringsysteem


The infrastructure in the Netherlands is congested, and the demand for passenger and freight transport continues to rise. We believe that smart technology can alleviate this capacity problem and make it safer. Examples include the RET MVSL monitoring system (boarding security) and the video stitcher (beelddeler), which provides real-time images of the access doors to public transport for the driver. We also secure the railway with our remotely controlled ZKL 3000 RC for Dual Inventive. With these innovations, we contribute to minimizing risks and improving passenger flow.

IT and (Tele)communication

The aforementioned ZKL 3000 RC not only promotes safety and efficiency on the railway but also incorporates advanced communication technology: an advanced 4G communication module that remains connected 24/7 and always guarantees the required uptime and response times. Railway workers must always be able to rely on stable and fast connectivity because their lives depend on it. This exemplifies the importance of safety in this market segment. Learn more about the IT and (tele)communication market segment.

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