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The Edge of Progress

Core-Vision is a dynamic development hub that operates at the edge of complex technology and innovations. We solve intricate challenges at the edge of progress by crafting customized electronics, also known as embedded systems. With our team of specialists, we strive to make the world a better place by humanizing technology.

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High-End Embedded Systems

What is it exactly that we do? Our true expertise lies in developing custom embedded systems, such as hardware, software, and FPGA implementations. Our focus lies on safe and qualitative solutions that make a positive impact on the world and on the people using them. Our team always goes the extra mile, solving intricate challenges in an understandable manner.

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Our Projects

Show, don’t tell. Often it is easier to provide examples of our work than to explain the intricate details. We would like to do both via our portfolio! With our services we have contributed to a wide variety of projects. Explore our portfolio to experience how we use technology for creating a safer and more sustainable world.

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Consilium Safety
ST Engineering iDirect
Dual Inventive

Market Segments

Technology is everywhere. Therefore, the custom high-end systems we create can be found in a wide spectrum of market segments. Although these market segments may vary significantly, safety and sustainability are the common threads in our projects.

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