Engineering and Industry

The engineering and industry market segment encompasses a wide range of projects and services related to technical processes, development, production, modification, and other services. Advanced technologies are applied in this segment to optimize processes, improve productivity, and offer innovative solutions to diverse challenges.

Automation and Monitoring

Automation and monitoring play a significant role within this market segment. Core-Vision provides high-end solutions in the form of sensors, software, hardware, and FPGA firmware to address these needs. We tailor our solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

High-end laser Doppler sensor

Deze technologie hebben wij later in samenwerking met SICK doorontwikkeld tot de high-end laser Doppler sensor. De geavanceerde sensor maakt het mogelijk om contactloos en nauwkeurig snelheid en afstand te meten in industriƫle toepassingen. Deze sensor zet SICK in voor hun eigen productielijn. Door het ontwikkelen van FPGA-firmware voor deze sensor hebben we bijgedragen aan de realisatie van innovatieve oplossingen voor snelheidsmetingen binnen de industrie.

core-vision: veiligheid van onze systemen

Monitoring of Production Lines

In addition to speed measurements, we have experience in developing sensors based on pressure, temperature, vibration, and nearly any other conceivable metric for monitoring production lines. This contributes to improving process control, safety, and quality assurance within the industry. Due to these sensors, our clients can benefit from increased efficiency, accuracy, and product quality.

Monitoring van productielijnen

Consilium Safety Gas Detectors

An excellent example of our expertise in monitoring and safety is our collaboration with Consilium Safety in gas detection technology. Consilium Safety faced the challenge of revising and certifying the software of their gas detectors according to the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 1 standard. We executed and optimized this revision. Gas detection is crucial in industrial sectors due to the risks of gas leakage, including explosions, fires, and poisoning. By proactively measuring gas levels, we contribute to safety in industrial environments where such risks exist.

core-vision gasdetectoren

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