Defense and Aerospace

Each market segment has its own challenges, and the defense and aerospace industries are no exception. The solutions we provide within this segment must typically meet strict requirements. Therefore, we strive to ensure that our high-end embedded systems always comply with relevant safety standards, laws, regulations, and the specific needs of our customers.

Photo courtesy of OIP

Defense on Land

Within the realm of defense, we have supplied advanced technology to OIP, which develops vision systems for military vehicles such as tanks. These systems provide drivers of these vehicles insights through a 360-degree view of their surroundings. The images from both day and night cameras are shared with the driver in real-time—essential for the safety and effectiveness of the crew. Core-Vision contributed to develop the video technology and the hardware platform for this system.

Defense at Sea

Additionally, Core-Vision has developed a solution for the frigates of the Royal Dutch Navy to validate the data flow over PCI buses. To manage any operational risks and ensure reliability, we have implemented real-time data logging systems. These systems accurately record traffic over the PCI buses. The loggers can analyze the specific data stream per card. This provides the Navy with important insights into the operation of their systems, relevant for proactive maintenance and optimization purposes.

Defensie op zee


In addition to the aforementioned project, OIP is also active in the aerospace sector. They developed the CLIM (CLoud IMager) Spectrometer, which measures CO2 emissions on Earth from space. This data contributes to environmental protection, climate monitoring, and the risk assessment of natural disasters. This system contains valuable components because they are ‘space certified’, and ‘radiation hardened’. To increase the chance of success in space, thorough simulation and validation before launch are required. Therefore, Core-Vision has replicated the system with available components as an industrial test variant to validate the developed software.

OIP and core-vision
photo courtesy of ETS


Knowledge is power. Sharing knowledge is strength. The above examples provide a good overview of the solutions we offer within this market segment. In addition to these projects, we also offer FPGA training to government institutions, defense, and companies.

Curious about our services or do you want more information about our training programs? Feel free to contact us. We are eager to discuss and brainstorm with you to address your needs.

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