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We are Core-Vision, a dynamic development hub specialized in crafting customized electronics, also known as embedded systems.

Within this domain, we excel in developing unique solutions from initial concept to the final product. We also provide specialized support to R&D departments of other parties seeking additional capacity or expertise. All projects are brought in to be handled by our team of specialists, aiming for the best results of the highest quality. What do we value? Making the world more beautiful and secure through innovative electronics!

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Our Services

We develop hardware, software, and FPGA (programmable hardware) for clients across diverse market segments. Our engineers can take full responsibility for the entire execution from concept to outcome. Additionally, we gladly take on the role of consultants, actively analyzing your case, offering relevant advice, or stepping in when projects become too complex. Lastly, we prioritize sharing our knowledge and information by providing FPGA training to anyone interested. To truly grasp what we do, we invite you to visit our office!

Our Strengths

We don't just work for our clients; we work alongside them. On-site visits allow us to truly understand their company and its underlying questions. Active brainstorming and maintaining a flexible work attitude are inherent in our approach. Furthermore, we approach each project with creativity, specialized knowledge, and an unwavering focus on quality. The outcome? Custom high-end embedded systems that perfectly fit your needs.

Team Core-Vision

Our team consists of a healthy mix of seasoned experts and passionate talent. While everyone is unique, genuine passion for our craft brings us together. We form a close-knit unit where several experts from different disciplines are involved in every project. Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, everyone supports and enhances each another. Curious about what our team can do for your project?

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